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HAZOP procedure

​Updates Popularly Accepted

Новость от 12.02.2016, добавлена в 21:41 в категории: Технологии 2398 просмотров 0 комментариев
HAZOP procedure
The amendments and updates to the HAZOP procedure adopted back in 2007 prove effective by the mere fact that they are readily accepted by all the parties to the process including the review team, the project team in the PU and the designer. First and foremost, this is based on the understanding that the ultimate goal of HAZOP is to ensure production safety. The amendments and updates described in the article do not only address this task, important as it is, but also help optimize operational processes.

It should be remembered though that HAZOP is still being developed, and it is open for new trends and justified updates that contribute to the further improvement of this method at TNK-BP.

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