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About TOP CAT Overview

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TOP CAT is an appraisal of the mechanical and process configuration of the FCC unit to assist the refiner in developing the scope of work for next turnaround. The TOP CAT Analysis takes place during the appraise stage of the turnaround project development and looks at the existing unit to identify a scope that provides and requires reliability at the optimum cost. In addition, the TOP CAT Analysis also considers capital improvement projects, which, through the implementation of technology, will enhance the economic margins of the unit.

To this purpose, the objectives of the TOP CAT Analysis are as follows:
  • Validate, confirm and endorse the Reliability Improvements currently planned by the refiner;
  • Identify other reliability projects that will allow the refiner to achieve run length goals of 4 to 5 years;
  • Develop a prioritized work list that ranks work items in order of the most reliability achieved per unit of repair cost;
  • Identify Capital Improvement Projects to improve the profitability of the Refinery;
  • Uncover synergistic opportunities by identifying costs shared between capital and reliability projects;

Provide an objective economical analysis of the proposed scope to be used as a basis for final scope selection.

The TOP CAT Analysis defines the potential loss incurred if the suggested reliability repair is not performed. This is referred to as the "Cost of No action" or CONA.

All CONA values are adjusted by multiplying their value by the loss will occur before the next TAR. These probabilities or risk factors, if carefully estimated, will allow a more objective ranking of priorities among the individual repairs proposed. Furthermore, the summation of all risk weighed CONA values should give a reasonable overall indication of the total probable loss to be expected if no remedial action is taken.

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