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Young Specialists

Young Specialists: Bringing Teamwork and Energy to TNK-BP

Новость от 08.03.2016, добавлена в 19:41 в категории: Мероприятия 1465 просмотров 0 комментариев
Young Specialists

As TNK-BP continues to build a best-in-class oil and gas company, we remain committed to delivering front-end technology solutions and run our operations in an environmentally-friendly way.

Achieving these goals, however, is not feasible without the key element any efficiently-run, modern business depends on most - the people. We take pride in our staff and we believe that people do make a difference. TNK-BP's Human Resources Division approaches the issues of hiring and career growth with utmost care, striving to provide challenging and rewarding career opportunities for each and every of our almost 71,000 employees working in eight time zones, from Ukraine to East Siberia. Our company pays special attention to bringing on board young specialists. We understand that the future success of our business will largely depend on the cadre we induct today, and we provide incentives for university graduates, aiming to pursue careers in oil industry.

The centerpiece of our strategy is the Three Horizons development program for young specialists, which we introduced in 2005. In this issue of Innovator we are offering an in-depth view on how the program works and what we have achieved so far. Our operational efficiency remains the key factor in assessing performance and that is why we have instituted an award to encourage young specialists whose solutions have helped us optimize operations, cut costs and benefit the Company. One such example is the implementation of Zapadno-Olkhovskoye field development project by Orenburgneft's Alexei Popov, which has brought TNK-BP an economic benefit of 80 mln rubles. Needless to say, Alexei's effort was recognized and duly rewarded. Other young specialists have also made worthy contributions - on these pages we highlight several other projects that were showcased at TNK-BP's scientific conferences in 2006 and 2007.

It has been only two years since launching Three Horizons. As the program gains pace, we are sure that new inventive business solutions will eventually snowball. Of all shortages we cannot afford to have a shortage of ideas, and we will continue to help our young newcomers to grow professionally, implementing their abundant ideas into life at our fields.

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