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​Russian oil companies

​Russian oil companies have been increasingly interested in the gas business

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​Russian oil companies
Russian oil companies have been increasingly interested in the gas business. Some oil producers have announced plans to develop gas production as a performance driver on a par with oil production.

TNK-BP's gas portfolio contains enormous potential for long-term growth and for increasing the Company's value. Our goal is to develop this potential to the maximum. From the point of view of Russia's economy, the development of our gas business will help to create new jobs, improve gas supply to customers in Eastern and Western Siberia. It will generate tax revenues for local, regional and federal budgets (including tax money from export revenues), and will facilitate Russia's emergence as a major energy supplier to the growth markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Company's gas portfolio puts us in the position to build a long-term, material gas business. Today, TNK-BP produces around 4.5 bcm of gas annually. Rospan, a wholly owned subsidiary of TNK-BP, is developing the East Urengoi gas condensate field in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district with reserves of 850 bcm of gas and 1 bcm of liquid hydrocarbons.

Longer-term plans to develop the gas business are linked with development of the Kovykta gas and condensate field (it holds 1.9 tcm of gas) in the Irkutsk region. TNK-BP is the major shareholder in RUSIA Petroleum, which holds the license to develop Kovykta. Kovykta gas will be supplied to industrial and residential consumers in the Irkutsk region and other Eastern Siberian regions. Also, Kovykta production will be exported to Asia-Pacific markets – China and South Korea. The execution of the regional phase of the Kovykta project is the first stage of creating a resource and technology basis for gas deliveries to domestic consumers, which include chemical and energy companies as well as public utilities. Kovykta gas will go to the Sayansk industrial site, where a gas separation plant will be built in order to extract valuable fractions used as a raw material in polymer chemistry.

The project scheme to supply gas to 78 towns in the Irkutsk region has been finalized. The design envisages launching Kovykta gas supplies to the region in the fourth quarter of 2006. Initial gas consumption is estimated at 2 bcm per year. The project's next strategic goal is to create a single export channel for East Siberian resources to neighboring foreign countries. This will help position Russia as a major player on these dynamic markets.

Potential gas exports from Kovykta have generated interest in China, which seeks to increase gas supplies to its large northern cities (Beijing, Shanghai and Harbin), as well as in South Korea and Japan.

Our initiatives today are just the beginning of full-scale development of TNK-BP's gas business. We are beginning the transition from a primarily brownfield oil company into an integrated oil and gas company with a material, value-adding gas business. This issue of Innovator focuses on our gas business initiatives. I would like to use this opportunity to welcome Innovator's readers who will undoubtedly find a lot of interesting information on the Company's gas projects in this issue.

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