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Project management courses

Project management courses

Новость от 01.01.2019, добавлена в 18:19 в категории: Компании 1323 просмотра 0 комментариев
Project management courses
In the project management courses we acquire classical knowledge of the project management system that is used worldwide and is especially common in the oil business. Oil production is a high-profit, but also a highrisk business. Project management is what is needed to improve its efficiency and minimize possible risks.

Acquiring information on the terminology used by managers worldwide, we and our foreign colleagues can more quickly and better understand one another Project management training courses help us better understand investment “events” taking place in the company, prepare for future prospects for the growth of our company and the country overall and more easily adhere to western management standards. Experience gained from people who have lived many years in a market economy is unquestionably valuable.

In training seminars and outside classes we talk a lot together. We have already established a sort of corporate project managers club. It unites people who have taken project management training. For Moscow office personnel it is important to have support for modern ideas in the regions, and specialists on site need colleagues in Moscow whom they can ask for advice.

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