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Архив от 14 Января 2020 - Нефтегазовые новости

Projects and Engineering
Projects and Engineering
With three major projects (Verkhnechonskoye (VC), Uvat, Kamennoye) already on stream, TNK-BP is entering the new era where the Company increasingly relies upon both core pillars of its business, namely existing operations and new projects. Innovator talked to Marat Atnashev, Director for Major Projects and Engineering, and Gary Jones, Director for Major Project Management Capability Development and Pre-Project Assessment, to find out what is to be done to ensure long-term success for the Company in the major projects environment.

Innovator: Along with Drilling, Geoscience, Reservoir Engineering and Wellwork, Project Management is one of the scarce skills critical to the Company’s long-term success. How would you describe the major projects impact on TNK-BP’s future?

Мarat Atnashev: TNK-BP as a large oil and gas company can only ensure its future through operational excellence and major projects. Overtime, natural resources tend to decline and we are to find new oil, develop it and bring it to the market, thus creating value for the Company and for the country. Therefore one can’t underestimate the impact of the major projects on TNK-BP’s longterm success.

In the past we were mostly focusing on operational excellence to extract more from the existing assets, bring new technologies to extend the life of those fields, maintain the existing infrastructu ... Читать дальше »