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Главная » Объявления » Нефтепродукты Объявление от 16.09.2020, добавлено в 18:21 в категории: Нефтепродукты 30 просмотров 0 комментариев
Hello! We, South -. Korean trading company, intend and are ready to sign a contract - for purchase of ESPO oil, the brand Light, in volume ten (10,000,000) million barrels per month, subject to the conditions as described below: • Goods: ESPO oil. • Origin: The Russian Federation • Specifications: By agreement. • The volume / quantity: in volume ten(10,000,000) million barrels per month. • Тanker lot: By agreement. • Contract term: 1 (one) year with annual rollover. • Terms: CIF; • Delivery Port: CIF ASWP the Chinese port; • Price: the calculation of the base price of the London trading, Brent; • Discounts: on CIF (CIF) GROSS / NET dollars, for each barrel; (Commission dollars, Commission Buyer's side, completely closed). (The Commission on both sides is paid by the Buyer); • Payment method: Seller opens PB 2% of monthly lot, and the buyer opens a Automatically Renewable DLC in the seller's Bank, from the ship's lot. The procedure and terms of payment are non-negotiable. Procedures: 1). Buyer provides this LOI (commercial intention of the buyer indicating desired conditions and procedures); 2. Seller - the vendor provides SCO- Soft Corporate Offer. 3. The buyer and the seller agree on the General procedure and the seller issues the FCO accompanied by its documents. 3.1 MOU with the owner to allocate the volume for sale. 3.2 MOU with the transport company ( Transneft ) or another company ) on the delivery of the volume to the port. 3.3 MOU with the port on transshipment and bunkering of volumes. 3.4 MOU with the shipowner on the freight of ships. PS. Please note that this package of documents has nothing to do with PPOP and POP and does not require the seller to pay financial costs for their provision, but proves that the seller has access to the product and is ready for its delivery. 4. If the "Buyer" agrees with all points of SCO's, he prepares and issues, together with the Bank, ICPO- irrevocable corporate purchase order (application for a compulsory purchase of the goods). 5. The seller on the basis of the FCO and ICPO is the draft contract and sends to buyer after making the changes and additions to the buyer and the seller sign the draft contract as a basis for signing the contract face to face in Seoul, South Korea. 6. The seller or his representatives fly to Seoul, South Korea to sign the contract face to face. The buyer undertakes to meet the seller and his representatives, to place in the hotel and to provide decent accommodation at the expense of the buyer, for the entire period of stay of the seller and his representatives. (This is at the request of the Seller, and you can also choose not to fly to South Korea and Sign a Contract in electronic form). 7. The seller and the buyer sign a valid contract. 8. Within ten (10) days after signing the contract, the seller opens a guarantee of delivery of PB 2% of the monthly lot. 9. Within ten (10) days after the opening of PB 2%, the buyer opens a Automatically Renewable DLC in the seller's Bank, from the ship's lot. 10. After opening the payment guarantee, within twenty (20) calendar days, the seller prepares the shipment and sends the goods. PS. At the request of the seller, he or his representatives may remain in Seoul, South Korea, until the first shipment arrives and payment, is received on the seller's account. ПО ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕМ ЖЕЛАТЕЛЬНО ПИСАТЬ НА ПОЧТУ ИЛИ WhatsApp - мессенджер.

Название компании: Агент
Контактное лицо: Андрей
Телефон: 89044485769
E-mail: andrik2309@mail.ru

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