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Risk management course

Risk management course

Новость от 02.01.2019, добавлена в 18:19 в категории: Компании 1301 просмотр 0 комментариев
Risk management course
This is the fourth time I have taken project management classes. In June I took the general course, then the risk management course. In October we studied contract management, and the topic of the last week-long seminar was management of schedule and cost control. The knowledge I gained during this series of classes is not narrowly focused, such as on financial or human resource management. They rather give a general understanding of the project management process.

Our group included specialists from various disciplines: personnel from finance departments, people with a solid grasp of production and technology, specialists involved in capital construction. The course that was taught to us was accessible to all; it is based on a general understanding of the goals and tasks of project management.

I liked very much how the seminars were organized: good handouts and teaching aids. The process for working in groups was well developed. We role-played all kinds of scenarios in the classes. This is what Russian training is still lacking.

During the seminars we had the opportunity to make presentations to our colleagues and, in response, of course, to listen to criticism. This is how information is exchanged and closer ties are developed between company divisions. We even established a special forum on company email (project management@tnk.ru) for project management course participants, and we discuss informational and regulatory documents on project management that are being prepared for release.

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